Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mini Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headset. For any Bluetooth Enabled Cell Phones, PDA, PC including Palm, Motorola, LG, Sanyo, Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC, Kyocera, Dell, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Cingular, Pantech, O2, Nextel, Nokia 6670 6680 6682 6820 6820i 6822. Color: BLUE

The BlueAction Wireless Bluetooth technology is a low-power, low-cost wireless technology for short-range radio communication between electronic devices. (i.e., mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, stereo headsets, MP3 players, digital cameras, PC and computer peripherals). Bluetooth replaces peripheral cables. It is basically a wireless USB.This BlueAction Bluetooth Headset BAE-300 is Bluetooth Version 2.0 compliant and works with any Bluetooth devices, e.g. cellphones, PDAs, PCs, etc. It is packaged in the manufacturers retail box with User Manual and Charger. Headset dimensions: 38mm X 25mm X 20mm, Weight - 8.0g. One month money back warranty. This one is blue-colored. Please email HarryIntBiz@yahoo.com if you want silver or red color.

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