Friday, December 19, 2008

Uniden 900Mhz Narrow Band Analog Interface Wireless 2-Line Phone

The Uniden's ANA9610 is a 900 MHz analog interface wireless business telephone. It is exclusively engineered for use with all analog phone lines to provide greater flexibility and improved productivity while away from the desk. Customer satisfaction increases, as calls no longer go unanswered. And the best part, you'll increase productivity while becoming more efficient.The ANA9610 provides quick and easy-to-read information with a 2-line, 16 digit LCD. When a feature key is depressed, that function appears on the screen as well as the number you are dialing. Pause, Flash, Redial and Memory - these features instantly let you choose the appropriate function for convenience and ease. The unit allows for the connection of an optional headset (EXP 9530) for hands-free operation. It also allows you to add other parties to your call through your PBX for conferencing. A vibrating alert will allow you to receive calls without disturbing others and is ideal for noisier environments. Enhanced Volume Control lets you adjust the volume in your earpiece from high to low or to vibrate silent alert. Page / Find command allows you to locate your handset easily or to the page the handset from the base unit. The ANA9610 allows you to easily put your callers on hold via the handset and is loaded up with other business features.

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