Friday, December 12, 2008

Wireless Extenders Yx 500-Pcs Cellular Phone Signal Booster

The Wi-Ex zBoost cell zone signal booster is a revolutionary, patent-pending new product that improves indoor cell phone coverage. zBoost captures the wireless signal outside, brings it inside and enhances, or boosts it - extending a Cell Zone in your home or office or your car.The zBoost YX500-PCS works with all phones on the 1900MHz frequency. Includes Sprint, T-Mobile and others.
Customer Review: Product does what it says it does
This product does what it is advertised to do. It will take an acceptable outside signal and bring it inside. It does not create or boost the outside signal and the range inside might be less than you hoped. Works great for a single office but I doubt you'll be satisified for an 1800+ sq ft home. I used it to get good signal into my basement home office and it works great for that. Before I couldn't hold a call for more than a minute without dropping and now I can hold a 2 hour phone call with only minor signal issues. Used to have 0-1 bars and now have 2-4 bars. Also be aware that the outside antenna must be 12 or more feet higher than the inside transmission unit or they will interfere with each other. If you take these caveats in mind and it still meets your needs you will be satisfied.
Customer Review: Works
I used to have to stick my head up to the window in my office to talk on my cell I can just sit in my chair...much better believe me! Boosted my signal 2-3 bars...more important, my iphone now works fine where before it would barely stay connected on a call.

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