Saturday, January 10, 2009

3Com NBX 3107c - Wireless VoIP phone - 900 MHz

The 3Com 3107 Cordless Phone is designed for users who need a durable phone with extended battery power that lets them range widely (up to 1, 000 feet/305 meters from the base unit) while still being able to take advantage of the organization's IP-based voice/data network. Unlike a cell phone, this 900-MHz cordless phone offers full access to NBX IP telephony system capabilities. Four programmable and nine fixed-feature keys make invoking frequently used features fast and simple. The two-line LCD display enables additional access to features and calling information. The proven, spread-spectrum technology in the 3107 Cordless Phone will not interfere with IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi network radio signals. Up to three phones - each able to handle up to two lines - may operate in the immediate area, connecting to the network through a 10/100 port in the base unit. The phone comes with a separate battery-recharging cradle that has an extra slot for a second phone. A headset jack is also included.Self-located capabilities save time and service-call expenses, lowering total cost of ownership. Moving a phone involves simply plugging it into a network at a new location. All personal settings, directory entries, and voice mail travel with the phone. Browser-based management eases configuration tasks, and web-based support makes advanced features easier to master. What's more, customization capabilities let users do many setup procedures themselves.

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