Friday, May 8, 2009

Siemens S450 DECT 6.0 Digital Cordless Phone System

The Gigaset S450 features the ultimate in convenience: there is no shortage of features, but everything remains easy to operate. The Gigaset S450 combines modern communication and highest-level comfort with pure simplicity. Speed dialing, directory transfer and a fully duplex handsfree function - whatever the feature, they all meet the very highest standards of classic convenience. And from day one they make the plug and play Gigaset S450 something others take decades to become: a classic.
Customer Review: Don't buy this phone!
This phone is ridiculously expensive and it's been nothing but problematic since we bought it last December. Siemens has replaced our phones (we're still waiting for the last one), but now it's a new set of problems. At first it was an issue of the thing keeping time (you have to set the time, unlike many other phones that get it "magically"). Now the phone is beeping at random times, the message light doesn't flash anymore, and the company is slower than molasses to resolve the issues. Defintely save your money and buy a cheaper phone!
Customer Review: And I was so excited, too. :(
I read all of the reviews for this phone, and thought "well, maybe the technical difficulties people had were something I could get past"--I'm very technically savvy-- but let me tell you... This phone was a HUGE disappointment! It had all of the malfunctions the others have described, as well as others--it rang for no apparent reason, would beep for no reason (not necessarily at regular intervals), the speakerphone is SO quiet it's unusable. The backlight on the handset is SO dim you can't read the buttons, and they are very small, so are hard to read even in the light of day. I was so excited about these phones--but this was a huge disappointment. I am returning them asap.

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