Monday, September 28, 2009

Clarity C4205 2.4GHz Cordless Phone with 50-dB Amplification and Extra Loud Ringer (White)

Trouble hearing on the phone? Now hear clearly! The Clarity Professional C4205 featuring the revolutionary new Digital Clarity Power technology provides intelligent amplification to make soft sounds audible, while keeping loud sounds bearable.
Customer Review: Just what we needed....
I bought this for my eighty-six-year-old mother who is sure that she doesn't have a hearing problem; wish I agreed. So far she doesn't need the 'boost' button, but the regular sound is much better than the other cordless phones we'd tried. It does change sound quality a bit - voices sound a bit different, but they are clear enough for her to understand. It was just what we needed.
Customer Review: Very disappointed
I purchased this for an elderly parent. He loved the loud ringer and the phone looks very nice. It appeared to come partially assembled so that we could not hang on the wall - left us wondering if we actually got a new one or previous repair. We then realized that none of us could hear well on it. Boost feature does work, but TALK button does not change colors to warn those with normal hearing that it's on - volume of speaker on other end fluctuated up and down in volume. Also, when speaking into mouthpiece it sounds like you're in a tunnel - noise in your setting seems to amplify in the earpiece adding to the frustration. The volume control is easy to use, but increases the 'noise' along with the voice. The tone control appeared to do nothing and was a disappointment. We tried to use it for several days but decided that, aside from the loud ringer, it was useless. We've returned it and will try again, but it certainly won't be a Clarity phone this time. Maybe we just got a lemon. And Amazon is great, as usual.

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