Friday, October 2, 2009

iGo Power Tip A80 for select Kyocera Mobile Phones

Charge multiple gadgets from one charger with this interchangeable iGo Power Tip, which works with any iGo gadget charger or dualpower accessory. This interchangeable iGo A80 Power Tip is compatible with select Kyocera mobile phones (see full list below). It offers a rapid charge and automatically configures and precisely regulates voltage and current provided to the device, eliminating the need to adjust proper voltage on a multi-voltage charger or to change chargers. It also provides charging up to eight times faster than standard USB and trickle chargers.

The compact, lightweight Power Tip travels easily, and is compatible with iGo power adapters and dualpower accessories.
You can carry a single power adapter and recharge a variety of mobile phones, digital audio players, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets and gadgets with iGo's interchangeable Power Tips, each of which feature the correct connection to your device. Power Tips are compatible with all of iGo's power adapters, including iGo everywhere, iGo auto, iGo wall, iGo powerXtender, and iGo dualpower accessories.


K322, KX12, KX160, Strobe, Candid KX16, Dorado KX13, Switch Back K612, Switch Back K612B, Xcursion KX160

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